Lost Relics Game FAQ - Your NOOB Questions Answered!

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Lost Relics Game FAQ - Your NOOB Questions Answered!

Lost Relics is a play & earn blockchain game developed by Codebit Labs. This game is in early access so there is still a lot of goodies to come and be added into this game.

Although the game is really fun and addictive to play, for first time players it can be a bit daunting.

Chances are you are playing so you can earn yourself some blockchain items which are worth Enjin. You will end up playing this game for the ENJ items, but end up staying for how fun it is. This game has incredible potential and can see it becoming a massive success.

This game is created by sole developer Cliff Cawley AKA 'one many army' who has over 20 years of industry programming experience.

We have been playing for a couple weeks so we are also noobs, but just from all the questions we have received - we have come up with a FAQ to help new players and hopefully help this game grow by new players sticking around. 

This game can change at any time and these answers may become outdated. So just to reiterate, this FAQ is for the early access version of the game.

Lost Relics Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is grunt gizzards and how to get it?

You can find grunt gizzards drop from monsters in Forgotten Chambers. It is a random drop so you may even go a few runs in Forgotten Chambers without getting a single one. You can also buy grunt gizzards from the Royal Emporium, which is probably a much faster and efficient way to obtain it.

Q. How to get out of Forgotten Chamber / exit adventure?

The only way you can get out of any dungeon is by either dying or finding the exit. You can abandon the dungeon only if you haven't left the first room.

Q. Where is your stash?

Your stash is located on the second level of the tavern. Tavern is located where the beer mug on the map is.

Q. Where to store items after adventure?

After you collect your items from your adventure, head back to the tavern and go upstairs and in the furthest room is your stash. Stash is unlimited so you can store everything in there. 

Q. What item is needed to mine rocks?

You will require a pickaxe to mine. The first pickaxe you can buy, craft and use is called crude pickaxe

Q. How to buy pick axe / mining tool?

You can buy your first pickaxe from the Emporium, located in the north eastern part of the map with a money bag symbol. Next to the cooking meat icon.

For a more detailed guide on pickaxe and mining, click here.

Q. How to equip pickaxe / mining tool?

After you buy the crude pickaxe from the emporium, go back to your stash located in the second floor of the tavern. It will be sent there, then you need to equip it in your tool slot on your inventory which is the slot next to your minimap.

For a more detailed guide on pickaxe and mining, click here.

Q. Fishing tool / How do I fish / what is the fishing rod called?

You will need to buy a fishing tool from the Emporium. The only one you can use at the beginning is called 'Crude Fishing Net'. You can fish in Ash Woods and higher dungeons.

For a more detailed guide on fishing, click here.

Q. Can I get membership mid dungeon?

No you cannot purchase a pendant in the middle of a dungeon run. You will need to get out of the dungeon before being able to activate a pendant.

Q. What does bc mean?

Blockchain. You may read it in the global chat a lot. BC stands for blockchain item.

Q. Do you lose blockchain items if you die?

No. All blockchain items are kept and sent to your stash if you die with them.

Q. Why do some people have yellow and blue names in chat?

A. Yellow name in chat means that they are members who have bought a pendant. Blue names mean those lucky members possess a Founder's Token.

Q. How to get a Founder's Token / What does Founder's Token do?

A. The Founder's Token was originally released for 100USD during the presale in 2019. It can only be bought from other players now for around 2000ENJ at the time of writing this. It gives you a blue name in chat and world leaderboards along with event bonuses and early access to new features. You also get 2 exclusive outfits only available to Founder's Token owners. There is only 324 of these NFTs in circulation making these extremely sought after.

Q. Is ring one time use?

No. The feeble ring, purchased from the market vendor which regenerates your health can be used over and over again on every adventure. Just don't die while having it equipped, or you will lose it.

Q. Can you stack items like the ring to get more healing?

No. Relics do not stack and you can only take 1 into an adventure.

Q. What is Delta Diamond / Redcore Ruby / Iguana Emerald blockchain item used for?

Nothing yet. At the moment it has no purposes but is expected to be used in future skilling updates.

Q. Where can I sell my items?

At the Royal Emporium, which is located north of the tavern and next to the giant ham icon.

Q. Is there a way to regen health in dungeon?

Not without the use of food or potions or relics. If you don't have any of those in your inventory, then you cannot regenerate your health during an adventure in a dungeon.

Q. Where to buy weapons?

You can purchase green items such as katana, axe, sword and bow from the general store located across the road from the tavern. Each item is 500 gold coins. They used to be 2,000 gold coins each, so if you are a new player - be thankful.

Q. How to activate power pendant after buying?

You will need to click on the pendant symbol in the top left corner of your screen, next to your gold and bounty points. That will open a tab showing your available pendants, then all you do is click on it to activate the pendant.

Q. If I die do I lose my gold?

You will only lose the gold that you have found in the current adventure. Your total gold amount, shown in the top right corner of the screen will be kept upon death.

Q. How to open inventory?

It's always open. It's those 18 slots underneath the big bar of health, stamina and minimap.

Q. How to rotate camera?

You can rotate the camera by using the arrow keys. You can also map the keys in settings to WASD as some prefer that setup.

Q. How to break big rock in dungeon with chest behind?

Hold down right click for 5 minutes and put some music on and take this time to talk to your family, friends and loved ones. Or the easiest method is to buy or make some Red Devil explosives and use them to blow up the rock instantly. You can buy them from the Emporium.

More detailed instructions here.

Q. Bought an item and it's not in my inventory?

When you buy things from the Emporium, they are transferred to your stash in the second floor of the tavern. You can also only sell items that are in your stash, not your inventory.

Q. I keep dying in dungeon / can't get past the first dungeon Forgotten Chambers. WHAT GIVES!?!?

Stay away from the fire. Fire will burn you for 150 damage if you touch it so avoid it as much as you can. 

RIGHT CLICK. A lot of people just left click and end up taking a long time to kill any monsters. Right clicking is your main heavy attack and should be used as much as you can.

Learn to kite. Kiting refers to treating the monsters like a kite. So run around and force them to attack, while moving out of the way so they miss and then come in and attack them.

If you're still having trouble, you can watch this video about how not to die in Forgotten Chambers by Loke Hansen:

Remember, everyone was a noob at one point. After a few run throughs, you will learn the enemies and the dungeons and over time you will be speed running it.

Goodluck and may RNGesus be kind to you fellow adventurers!




  • Nader

    My pc cant open the program.what should i do?? It doesnt run on my pc. I use windows

  • Scrypted

    Hi, since i’m playing the game, i haven’t been abled to see the chatbox or any players talking whatsoever. I thought having chat was for members only. But even now being a member, still no chat to be found. (chat related settings are all turned ON, triple checked) Is this some kind of bug? Or am i just being an idiot somehow?

  • Wil

    Hi,im curious what happen if all bc item already taken by another player? I mean no more bc for future? Thanks for your reply

  • Ash woods

    To pass ash woods you want at the very least green bow. It may take a while though, better if you can get a rare bow but a green bow is doable. Just will take some time. Bring some antipoison potions, food (cooked fish or grunt meat) and a teleport scroll incase things get hairy. Also feeble ring is good to have.

  • 23Hobbit420

    Hello, I have a problem. The game loads in but the it says : " retrieving account information… ". And it loads forever. I tried to reinstall the game and opened it several times. I have this problem since the update with 3 days maintenance.

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