Lost Relics Game Review - Blockchain Rewards & Dungeon Dwelling!

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Lost Relics Game Review - Blockchain Rewards & Dungeon Dwelling!

Lost Relics is a dungeon crawling action adventure RPG game, where you can also earn blockchain items backed with Enjin.

This is one of the first blockchain games which implements blockchain technology so seamlessly.

Aside from possibly earning blockchain rewards, you can also cook, fish, mine, woodcut, buy & sell in game items on a player to player exchange, defeat enemies, loot and have your own pet! That's just to name a few things you can do.

Lost Relics Game review

Login Screen

This game is still in Early Access, but it honestly seems more polished than most games that are fully released. The good news is, there is still a lot to be added in the future on top of the already great things implemented.

One Man Army

It is built by Cliff Cawley who has over 20 years of programming experience and is the 'one man army' behind the entire development.

cliff cawley lost relics

Cliff Cawley, developer of Lost Relics

This entire game was created and put together by one person. For anyone who has any idea about programming - you will understand the outstanding and exceptional job he has done to create such a great product.

What other games is it like?

In our opinion the best way to describe this game is - it's like Diablo and Runescape had a baby and called it Lost Relics.

You go through dungeon adventures and collect loot like you would in Diablo. Then there's the character development side like skilling activities such as cooking, fishing, mining and others like Runescape.

Add them together and you get a superb blend of gaming elements.

What to expect?

Okay so once you login for the first time, what can you expect? 

You start off with common items and are sent on a few quests to help you get acquainted with Talmuth.

Talmuth is the land above the dungeons which include locations such as the Royal Emporium, Tavern, General Store and more.

Lost relics talmuth map

Map of Talmuth

You will then be tasked to enter the the dungeon for the first time. 

As you run through the dungeon avoiding fire and slaying enemies, you will collect loot. If you are lucky enough you may even find a blockchain item!

lost relics gameplay review

Arcane Pits

Blockchain items are limited supply items which can be transferred and sold between players. There are some items which are only 1 of 20 and are extremely expensive.

Be careful if you find any rare items while in a dungeon, because if you die you will lose everything you've found! Including any other virtual items that you brought in with you.

Can anyone earn blockchain Items?

Yes! Even on the very first level, you could possibly receive one of the most expensive items in the game.

Although your chances are like 0.000000000001% but hey, it's still a possibility!

Funny story 

There was a level 4 who picked up a Voidripper bow on the very first dungeon. 

lost relics best bow review

Unfortunately, he never made it out of that dungeon alive and that item went back into the pool.

By the way, Voidripper is currently listed for sale at 9,000ENJ ($24,809USD). How upset do you think he would be after realizing what he had just lost?

Just the possibility of knowing that any sword swipe, enemy killed or chest opening could contain a Transcendent item worth a possible $20,000+ is astonishing.

Enjin Marketplace

If you are looking to buy or sell any blockchain items, you can do so from the Enjin Marketplace.

At the time of writing this guide, transfer of items out of the game have been disabled due to unstable and extremely high gas prices (over $90 worth of Ethereum for a single transaction).

You can still purchase items from the marketplace and they will deposited into your Enjin wallet. Once your Enjin wallet is linked to this game, you can freely use any items you buy from the Enjin Marketplace in the game.

Founder's Token

We found out about this token because we noticed some players had a blue name in the world chat.

The Founder's Token was available for 100 ENJ to the very first players who played the game around 2 years ago. You can now only buy it from other players. That is, if you have the funds. At the time of writing this, it is currently listed at nearly 2,000 Enjin which is $5,339.75USD. 

founder's stone lost relics

There is only 327 of these tokens in circulation and there will never be any more made.

It gives you 2 legendary outfits and a blue name in world chat and leaderboards to stand out from everyone else.

You also get early access to new features and event bonuses and boosts!


The graphics are better than what you would expect from a dungeon dwelling adventure game. The view is top down, you can rotate and you are also able to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

lost relics game review

What it looks like when zoomed out

lost relics review game


What it looks like when zoomed in

All transitions including zooming in, out and rotating the camera are all very smooth and have been done very well.

Royal Emporium

The Royal Emporium is where you go to sell any items you have found during your adventures. You can also buy any items you need for skilling or to turn in for bounties.

Unlike most games, you are not buying and selling to a NPC but in fact you are buying and selling with other online players.

This creates an amazing trading experience. If you are into trading you can buy low sell high! 

royal emporium lost relics

You can make investments with your gold coins in limited items like the Billy Boo epic rarity pet, which only has a total circulation of 300 and was given out at Halloween 2020. 

If you like graphs, buying & selling and making money - you'll be spending a lot of time at the Royal Emporium.


The community in this game is by far one of the best we have ever come across in any game. We have come from Call of Duty type games, so we were REALLY shocked to see how friendly everyone was.

People often say they need something and another person will happily list it for sale for them.

The world chat is probably one of the greatest features of this game. You can hit enter and type something and every single online player will be able to see it.

lost relics chatbox

A lot of people have questions, some ask the same question 10 times but all the players are always more than happy to answer and guide new players.

The chat box is mostly used for questions, trading and bragging about items players  have just found.

Speaking of noob questions, we have developed an entire noob FAQ guide for new players - you can check it out here.


Okay this game can be unforgiving at times, there is a decent amount of people which die in the first dungeon. People die in dungeons all the time, even high level players.

You do need some sort of strategy running through a dungeon. You can't just keep clicking forward and pressing attack expecting to clear the dungeon.

You will need to time your movements if you want to make it out of the dungeon alive.

3 Best Tips For Beginners In Lost Relics

Don't die. 

If you die, you will lose everything you have collected in your adventure and any other virtual items that you have on you. 

So yeah, you don't want to die.

Stay away from fire.

In the first dungeon 'Forgotten chambers' it is easy to just continue pushing forward through all the fire. You probably think because it's the first level it is impossible to die. You will be sadly mistaken. Each time you run into fire you will lose a combined 150HP. 

So wait until the fire stops to run past.

Shift + Right click.

Holding shift stops your character in it's tracks. Combine that with right click on the mouse, allows you to setup a heavy for enemies that are coming towards you. This method allows you to kill enemies before they have a chance to attack you

Future content

We can't wait to see what goodies Cliff plans on adding in the future. We do know there is talks of PvP, group dungeons and player owned houses to be added in the future.


We can easily see this game getting enormous in the gaming world once it goes mainstream.

In the last month alone the player base base has grown by 400% which now boasts close to around 10,000 active monthly players.

It is one of, if not the best play and earn games integrated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the market at this point.

You can play for free and not spend a dime and could walk away with a small fortune.

In saying that, don't go into the game expecting to get rich quick because you will be surely disappointed.

This game involves a lot of grinding, can be very difficult at times and you may not receive any blockchain rewards.

So play this game for fun and if you receive any blockchain items, it's a bonus!

Either way it's a great action adventure RPG dungeon game with great mechanics, which we believe has huge potential. 

If you haven't already - sign up for a account and try it out yourself, it's free! Head to their website at https://lostrelics.io/ and begin your adventure today.

Good luck on your adventures!

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