Lost Relics Pickaxe - Where to buy & how to get to mine rocks!

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Lost Relics Pickaxe - Where to buy & how to get to mine rocks!

In this Lost Relics guide we go over how to get and buy a pickaxe so you can break rocks. We also describe to you how to equip the pickaxe, to your inventory.

Through the mining skill you can break rocks to get all sorts of different crafting materials, including rare blockchain items!

The pickaxe is also referred to a mining tool in-game. There is different types of pickaxes that you can use, based on your level.

Different pickaxes

 lost relics pickaxe how to buy

The first pickaxe that you can use and equip at Level 1 Mining skill is the Crude Pickaxe

how to buy pickaxe lost relics

The second pickaxe you can buy is the Durable Steel Pickaxe, which is available at level 10 Mining skill.

lost relics best pickaxe

The third pickaxe you can buy is the Brunite Pickaxe and is only available if you have at least level 25 Mining skill.

Now that you know the different types of pickaxes available to you, we will go over how to buy the pickaxe.

Where to buy pickaxe / mining tool in Lost Relics

You can buy the Crude Pickaxe from the Royal Emporium for around 51 gold. The Royal Emporium is located north of the tavern and next to the big ham icon on the map. Press M to bring up the map, if you are lost.

where to buy pickaxe lost relics

Then go through the door and talk to the Oliver to bring up the Emporium interface.

where to buy mining tool lost relics

Once you bring up the Royal Emporium, search for Crude Pickaxe and buy it. At the time of writing, it is 51 gold coins.

how to buy pickaxe lost relics  

I bought a pickaxe but it's not in my inventory

After you purchase anything from the Royal Emporium, the items then go straight to your stash. They are not automatically added to your inventory.

So you will need to go to your stash, which is most likely located in the second level of the tavern.

where is your stash lost relics

Once you reach the tavern head up to the 2nd level. Your stash is located in the smallest room on the far left hand side of the room in a chest.

where is your stash lost relics

Once you locate the pickaxe you just bought, drag it into your 'Tool' slot. Which is located directly next to your avatar image.

Lost relics how to equip pickaxe

After you do that, then you are ready to mine rocks with your brand new pickaxe!

Where to mine rocks in Lost Relics

You can mine rocks in the first adventure 'Forgotten Chambers' or if you're feeling up to it, you can go one difficulty level higher and try 'Arcane Pits'.

Once you go into one of those stages you can then locate a rock and start mining!

where to mine rocks lost relics

You can also easily tell where a mining rock location is by looking at your minimap. It will display a small pickaxe icon to show you where you can mine.

lost relics mining

You can also find rare blockchain rewards such as Iguana Emerald, Redcore Ruby and Delta Diamonds!

How to Engineer pickaxes in Lost Relics

You can also create pickaxes from the Engineering skill in Lost relics. Head to the Engineering station, located at the anvil West of the tavern. To craft a Crude Pickaxe, you will need 1x Bundle of Sticks & 1x Iron Ingot.

how to make pickaxe lost relics

Happy Mining! 

That's everything you need to know about pickaxes in Lost Relics to get you started. Goodluck in your adventures!

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