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Official Squad Wiper Custom Competitive Street eSports T-Shirt

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Heading to any eSports tournaments? Need something that looks badass and carries the Pro Gaming Crew brand to stand out from the rest of the noobs there?

Goon Squad Gaming rocked this shirt at the Midwest Esports Conference and came home with 1st place in the Apex Legends tournament!

Get the official Squad Wiper eSports Street T now with your own gamertag on the back!

  • Made of 100% ringspun cotton - so you know it's comfy
  • 4.5oz so you know it's lightweight
  • Customized back for competitive eSports tournaments

Most importantly, it comes with our sick signature Squad Wiper Reaper logo slapped right on the front. 


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Draynilla Squad Wiper T-shirt
SoaR Dray (Legendary streamer and currently a top 70 Apex Legends player in the world)

"When you run up on another squad and your teammates are either off looting, too far or just not at the skill level to even help you. There's nobody you can rely on but yourself, in this moment. You're not sure if it's your survival instinct kicking in or just pure excitement, but your adrenaline starts pumping and you step up to the challenge.

The other squad thinks they have found some free loot with an easy kill. How wrong they are. First guy comes running and jumping in a straight line, you pop out of cover and melt him mid jump. What a rookie mistake, trying to run up on you like that.

Second guy starts spamming nades, one hits you and breaks your shield. After you shield up, you switch to your long range gun and pop out of cover again and dome him.

Third guy is at the back, in disbelief. You switch back to your close combat weapon, vault over cover and start sprinting towards him. Third guy is trying to shoot you down, but just can't land a single shot. Your unpredictable strafing patterns are unlike anything he has ever encountered. As you get close, you jump off the terrain like some sort of assassin as he is reloading and land behind him.
You empty the clip into the back of his head and the final enemy is silenced.

You stand tall, surrounded by well-deserved legendary loot as far as the eye can see. You get on the mic and demand your team to call you the Squad Wiper from now on."

~ The Squad Wiper Story.
Squad Wiper Custom Streamer Tshirt Cypherkingzgaming