Apex Stalker Heart Forbidden West Location

Apex Stalker Heart, Apex Stalker Heart Forbidden Dawn -

Apex Stalker Heart Forbidden West Location

In this guide we show you how to find the Apex Stalker Heart in Horizon Forbidden Dawn. You will need to get an apex stalker heart to upgrade certain weapons and armors. So it is good to know where the location of the apex stalker heart can be found.

You can follow this quick 40 second video to show you exactly how to find the apex stalker heart.

The stalker is quite a formidable machine to go up against if you have not encountered one yet. They can cloak themselves and become invisible so they are very hard to track.

One method is to use elemental damage so they are easier to be seen. Then use the spikes to finish them off. 

You have to wait until it is night time and then approach the location shown in this video. If you do not find the apex stalker heart on your first go, just fast travel somewhere and then come back to this location and try again.