3 Reasons Why Your Gaming Videos Are Not Getting YouTube Views

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3 Reasons Why Your Gaming Videos Are Not Getting YouTube Views

How many times have you uploaded your gaming video to YouTube and thought ' why am I not getting YouTube views?'.

In this article we are going to go into detail of why you aren't getting a lot of views and also offer solutions, to help you with your future YouTube videos.

You probably thought that your YouTube gaming video was the most epic 360-pistol-switch-trickshot-no-scope that anyone has ever seen and you only got 3 views. Which was probably you, all 3 times.

We are very fortunate because we are in a position that gives us easy access to a large number of gaming channels in our network of gamers. We have been working with multiple gaming channels to understand what works and what doesn't, when it comes to YouTube gaming videos. 

As always, we are going to be real and straight up with you. We aren't going to cherry coat anything. We are going to tell you the cold hard truth, that you need to hear.

Getting more views on your Gaming YouTube Videos

We guarantee those that read this entire article and take in the advice here, will understand what it takes to get more views on YouTube.

Cold hard truth about YouTube Gaming Videos

The truth is, when you are just starting out - nobody cares how good or skilled you are. We know players who are in the top 0.01% of their game that receive absolutely no views on their videos.

Why? Because people don't care. People are selfish, if they aren't getting value from your videos they aren't going to watch your gaming videos. It's as simple as that

For example a video titled 'EPIC FORTNITE WIN' will receive far less views than a video titled 'HOW TO GET A WIN IN FORTNITE'. For two reasons:

  1. There is too many 'Fortnite win' videos out there already and your video will just get lost in the endless sea of them. 
  2. People don't care that you have an epic win, they want to learn how to get their own win. They are more likely to watch a video that will help them become a better player. Compared to a video of someone showboating their skills.

We are now going to explore 3 main reasons why your YouTube gaming videos are not getting the views that you expect. We are also going to show you how to solve these problems and to help you get more views on your gaming videos (hopefully). 

1. You are making gaming videos for an over saturated market.

Stop with the epic montage YouTube videos, please. There is so many new YouTubers that start a channel in the hopes that their montage will go viral and get millions of views.

It just doesn't happen. New channels with no audience will receive no views, especially if all they are uploading is montages. If nobody knows you, why would they watch you? The viewers can watch Ninja or Shroud, why would they watch a montage from someone they don't know?

Someone like PewDiePie can upload a Fortnite montage of him missing every shot and it will still get millions upon millions of views. Why? Because he has a massive audience that loves him and loves ANYTHING that he posts. You have to build your audience and then you can post whatever you want. 

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute. Why would your gaming video stand out?

You have to understand that every single gamer is trying to make it big. YouTube is an enticing platform because you can actually get paid when people view your video. So the competition is ridiculous. Instead of uploading montages, wins and kills like everyone else, try something different. Aim for a less saturated market.

Maybe instead of a montage do a YouTube gaming video on a specific weapon from a game, how it is better or worse than others in the same category. Maybe do a 'Best class setup'. You could even make a video on how to reach a certain part of the map that not everyone knows. Make more specific videos as opposed to just general game play videos.

When you are starting out (or even throughout your entire YouTube career) you need to give your audience value. That can be in the form of either receiving enjoyment through your entertaining videos or through learning something that they didn't know prior to clicking on your video.

Tip for your next YouTube Gaming Video #1

Before you make your next gaming video, just have a search for the title that you were planning on using and see what comes up. Look at the top 10 videos and ask yourself, if your video has even the slightest chance of beating any of them. 

If you are used to getting under 100 views and your competition has over 100,000 views, don't even bother. Think about another type of gaming video that you could do with less competition. 

It's hard to come up with gaming ideas, we know. You could be playing your game and then something happens that you haven't seen before. Save that clip. Have a look on YouTube if many other people have uploaded it, if not - upload it and see what happens. 

Maybe you found a trapdoor that you haven't seen before that leads to a new area or something like that. People like learning new things. You would be surprised at how many views a video like that would receive, compared to an epic montage video that took you 8 days to edit and put together.

why your getting no views on youtube

The BEST way to find gaming video ideas for YouTube

If you are making videos about games that have been out for longer than a couple of months, it is more than likely every single possible video idea has been already done.

The channels that started producing content when that game came out will more than likely own majority of the audience. It will be very hard for you to get some of their viewers to spill over to your channel to become loyal subscribers.

So what does this tell you?

It is extremely beneficial to be one of the first. First in best dressed, as they say. You could find a new game that hasn't come out yet and get it as soon as it releases. Produce as much 'How to' content, about the new game that you possibly can. Then after a week see which video has brought you the most views and then do more videos like that.

We know a majority of our visitors are gamers that play Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and other FPS games that have been out for a while. If you want to create content for those games, you still can. 

All you need to do is wait until one of those games release a new season or a new update or even a new weapon. Learn the new areas or the new items and show others how to use them or how to get them. Anything new that hasn't been done yet, is guaranteed to get results.

We had one guy that was making CoD sniper montage videos and getting a few hundred views for each video. When Warzone came out, he then made a 'best sniper class for Warzone' and that got over 50k views in a few days. 

People are always happy to watch a video which they may find useful. 

2. Your gaming thumbnail is terrible.

Your thumbnail is the first thing your viewer sees. You want them to be like 'Wow that looks interesting!'. Even if you have amazing content, if nobody ever clicks on your thumbnail - you'll never get any views. 

Have a look at the current top videos for 'Fortnite' as you can see they have insanely unique thumbnails that make people want to click on them. There is a huge number of large gaming channels and they are always competing against each other, so their thumbnails are always going to be next level.

 Gaming thumbnail Ideas

If you are making how-to videos, you don't really need an awesome thumbnail. If someone is stuck in a certain part of a game they aren't looking for an entertaining thumbnail, they just want to watch a video on how to get past it. If your video is the ONLY video showing them how to get past it, they don't have a choice but to click on it.

Still, it is better to use a custom thumbnail as opposed to a default image from a part of your video. Increase the saturation, play around with the brightness and if you can make it stand out a little better then do it. 

It all depends on how much competition you think you have for your video. If you have the only video on how to get past a certain point, a default thumbnail would do the job. 

Here is an easy to do template of a video game thumbnail that you could use for a YouTube video. 

Youtube video game template

You don't need to use expensive editing software, you can do this all in Paint. All you need is to get a screenshot of an interesting part of your game, add some text and put in an arrow. Arrows on video clips helps draw attention to your clip. 

It really is as simple as that. Then your thumbnail will stand out much better than others with just a default thumbnail.

3. Your gaming videos suck.

You just have to realize sometimes that what you are doing isn't working. Maybe there is nobody searching for it or there is others doing exactly what you're doing but better.

Don't get discouraged and give up because of that. It just means you haven't found something that works for you. You need to keep trying new types of videos, maybe try another game that you enjoy and try make videos for that.

Have a look at any YouTubers that have over 10k+ subscribers. Then go to their videos and sort their videos by Date added (oldest).

date added oldest youtube gaming videos

What you will notice if you go through their videos, is that they will have a very low view count at the beginning, maybe only a handful of views on their videos. They could have hundreds of videos that have barely no views at the beginning. Then out of nowhere they uploaded a different video which receives thousands of views.

Then they start making more videos like that and their channel really starts to grow. They start getting more viewers and subscribers and it just snowballs from there.

The point is, if your YouTube gaming videos aren't giving you results. Try something different. Keep uploading different gaming videos until you notice one getting a lot of attention. You will eventually find it.

Most people upload a few montages and get 12 views and then give up.


Once you start getting a lot of subscribers, you can then start uploading whatever montages you want to your audience. They'll watch anything you upload because they like you as a content creator. 

Until then, keep uploading new gaming videos until you find a type of video that works for you.

Hopefully this helps you understand why your videos aren't getting as many views as you'd hope for. Bottom line is, if you want to stand out - be different. 

That's it for now, stay tuned for more YouTube guides coming in the future. We will be covering even more important areas: Title, description and tags for YouTube videos - so you won't want to miss the next one.

Peace out ✌


  • Al2

    good info

  • Yan Li

    Some cold hard fax right there!! Some people just need to understand what theyre doing isnt working and to experiment with something new (me included) thanks for opening my eyes

  • Ruben Camacho

    Thank you for this it has really made me see the big picture to this am a 13 year old kid trying to make gaming my career in the future thank you one again

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