How to Post Fortnite Clips on Instagram from PC

How to Post Fortnite Clips on Instagram from PC -

How to Post Fortnite Clips on Instagram from PC

We have been asked many times how to post fortnite clips on Instagram from a PC. So we decided to do a quick little blog describing how you can get your 'cracked' shots from your PC onto your Instagram to share with the world. 

This method works for ANY game, but for some reason Fortnite is the only one we have been asked about so here it is! We are under the assumption that you have already recorded a clip and you just want a way to get it to your phone.

First step. Record your Fortnite clips. You can use any recording software, usually most PC's come with pre-installed recording software. There are plenty of guides on the internet regarding this so we are going to skim over this and get to the answer you guys have been waiting for.

That answer is, Dropbox.

You can sign up for free. You get 2GB of free storage. If you want more than that, you'll need to start paying for a subscription. So make sure your videos aren't bigger than 2GB.

Once you're signed up, upload your file. Then download Dropbox on your phone. You can then download your Fortnite clip from the Dropbox app, to your phone to then post it on your Instagram.

If you're looking for free software to edit your Fortnite videos you can check out this article here.

For more details you can watch this video, which explains it perfectly.

That's how you can post Fortnite clips on Instagram from PC. If you need hashtag tips to make your Instagram Post reach a larger audience, you can check out our article here.

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