33 GOOD YouTube Gaming Video Ideas

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33 GOOD YouTube Gaming Video Ideas

Stuck on content ideas for your YouTube videos? This in-depth guide will give you an insane amount of good YouTube gaming video ideas and suggestions.

We have reached out to some successful YouTube gamers to help us compile a list of the some good YouTube gaming video ideas.

With 33 of the best YouTube gaming ideas, you will never run out of content ideas, ever again.

Maybe you're looking for some good Fortnite YouTube video ideas or maybe you play any other game and looking to see what else you could do aside from average gameplay videos?

As always, when it comes to gaming channel growth - we got you covered. So without further ado, let's get on with some good YouTube gaming video ideas that you can start creating today!

33 Good YouTube Gaming Video Ideas

1. YouTube Live

Try live streaming your next game session on YouTube. You could attract new viewers who are browsing the live streams. You could even start to build an audience and find yourself a new hobby.

2. Gaming Reviews

Play any game you like, whether it is an old game or a new game. Once your done you could give an in-depth review on it. You could even review a new update for a game or even just one level or a new item.

3. Family / Friend Reactions

Get your friend or a family member to play a game and record their reaction, to playing the game. Could be a funny reaction video of your mom playing GTA V for the first time.

4. Memes

Scour the web for some funny gaming memes and compile them into a video for people to watch. You could even do a text-to-speech and have some audio to read out the meme.

5. Suggesting A New Game Idea

Suggest a new idea for a new or suggest a new idea for a current game. It could be about a specific game and what they could fix or improve in the next update.

6. Game recommendations

Talk about games that you would recommend to other people. For example, you could start off with the best racing games in the last 5 years and make a top 10 list out of it.

7. Best of compilation

Compile a best quotes from a game or something like the best jumps in a game. You could even do a best fails video of yourself playing any game. With a best of compilation it can really be anything at all.

8. Life of a gamer

Record yourself doing funny things that usually only occurs in games. For example you could do an emote from a game in public. You can also react to something in real life as a game character would.

9. Behind the scenes

Show what it's like when you record your gaming videos. You can even show your process for recording, editing and uploading your gaming videos.

10. Good things in a game

Pick any game and then go on and praise it for all the positive and good things about it. It could be something like talking about how realistic the graphics look.

11. Bad things in a game

Exactly like above, but this time you can go on a rant about how bad certain parts of a game are. 

12. Character explanation

Do some research about a fictional character in a game and then compile it all into a video. For example you could do Captain Price from Call of Duty. How many times he appears in the Call of Duty franchise and some of his quotes from the game.

13. Show off your records

If you are an exceptionally skilled player in a competitive game, you could always do a video going through your statistics and your K/D to show others. Let them know, so they can give respect. It could also be a single player game to show off your completed challenges and trophies.

14. How to gaming videos

These are by far some of the most popular ways to get views on YouTube. There are always some curve balls in games, if you figure out how to pass a certain part in an effective way - upload it. Chances are someone else would be interested in finding out how to get past it as well.

15. Story line details

Create an in-depth video that talks about the story line of a game. It could be about how the main character grows throughout the game or how the world around him changes.

16. Sing

Make up a song about a game or a game character. It could either be extremely cringe, hilarious or ridiculously good and go viral. 

17. Game walk through

Instead of uploading the whole game at once, you could break it up and upload each chapter or each mission of a game. You could do a walk through for each different difficulty. A lot of people watch these either because they don't have the game and want to see what happens or they have the game and want to see how to complete a certain part.

18. Game glitches

How many times have you been playing a game and something that isn't supposed to happen, happens? Maybe you fell through the map and into a secret area that you can't be hurt. Next time something unexpected happens record it, point it out and upload it for others to see. 

19. Trophy hunter

Do you always try to complete all the challenges and get all the trophies in a game? Why not make short videos about each trophy and how to get it. 

20. Speed run

If there is a game that you've played a lot of times, chances are you know how to pass each stage with your eyes closed. You could record and time yourself to see how fast you can complete it and then upload it. 

21. Unreleased games

You can just go into Google and type in new games and see what new games are coming out. Then you can find out more about a specific game and then make a video about an upcoming game. These are good because usually people scour the web to find any information about a new unreleased game and are likely to come across your video if it is informative.

22. Game play

Raw game footage could be a good avenue if not many people have uploaded video footage of a certain game. This works best with newer games. Other look for these type of videos when trying to decide if a game is worth buying.

23. Trophy & achievement guides

If you are a trophy hunter then you can show how to get certain trophies in a game. You could upload an entire playlist dedicated to one game and show how to get every single trophy.

24. Gaming collaborations

You could collaborate with other similar channels in your gaming category. This way you are exposed to the other persons viewers. Similar to how DrDisrespect and other big name streamers always play games together. So they get spill over of audiences and everyone wins.

25. Comparing games

Compare similar games and point out what's different between the two. For example you could do a comparison between Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 and list the differences such as graphics, enemies and anything else that differs between the games.

26. Interview with developers

You could reach out to some game developers and ask them questions about the game they are developing or have already developed. You are more likely to get small indie developers to talk to you, as they would want as much publicity for their game as they can.

27. Future gaming

What do you think the future of gaming looks like? You can do some videos on what to expect of the future of gaming. Maybe it is about virtual reality or how amazing the graphics will be and the sort of game mechanics that could be implemented in future games.

28. Gameplay reactions

People enjoy seeing others first reaction to playing a certain game. Maybe it is a big story twist in a game or it can just be of you getting really excited about hitting a really hard shot in a shooter game. Could also be about you raging when you get eliminated in a game. 

29. New game reviews

These are always popular when a new game comes out. Everyone is curious on reviews and what others think of a particular game. Give your opinion on a recent new game and help provide information to the community.

30. Esport gaming

You can start a discussion about Esports. You can talk about players from a certain professional gaming team or you can touch on how they won their most recent game. You can also talk about any new players that have been recruited to an Esports team.

31. Questions & answers

Get people to ask you questions about yourself or about your game and then make a video answering all the questions. It could be about what sort of setup you have or what you think about certain topics.

32. Gaming secrets

Create videos about game secrets that not many people know. For example it could be a way to get into a certain location that not many people know. Take this video for example, it shows how to enter Zordaya prison from the bottom in Call of Duty Warzone. A lot of people who play this game may know about this already, but new players won't have a clue about it and would be interested in it.

33. Latest gaming news  

This one is probably the easiest to find content for. All you need to do is type in Google 'gaming news' and then take your pick at the endless news articles. Then after you have done your research, you can create a video based around it. If it is a new article and there isn't any videos about it yet, your video could easily rank high and bring in a decent amount of views.

Good luck on your YouTube adventure

It's never easy starting out. What content you decide to do, will always depend on what is available to you. The best way to succeed is to do something your are comfortable with and passion about. 

You will really have to experiment with what works and what doesn't. See what videos get the most views and the least views. Then just keep creating more videos like the ones that you see are succeeding. 

If you think we have missed any good gaming content ideas, let us know in the comments below.

It is a long road, but it is possible. You just need to keep grinding until you make it.

Good luck and peace out ✌


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  • Victor

    Haha sing! I giggled a little at that one but the other youtube gaming video ideas are pretty smart and simple to do thank you for the tips

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  • Jacko92

    Great list and good info will attempt some of these later in the week

  • KenDenY

    THANK YOU! I was looking for something like this i been on a dry patch not sure what content to do. i’ll try #27 that seems like an interesting one with not much competition. thank u guys appreciate the help

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