Facebook Gaming How To Stream

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Facebook Gaming How To Stream

With the addition of Facebook Live you can stream directly to your friends and families feeds. Here is a guide how to stream your gaming on Facebook.

It can be really hard starting out on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube when you have no followers or subscribers. It can become a real grind to try and get a handful of viewers on your stream and even harder yet, to keep them coming back to your stream.

Benefits of Streaming on Facebook Live

With Facebook Live it can be a lot easier starting out. Because you can get your friends and family to come into your chat to watch and support you.

Most of Facebook users that aren't gamers, probably have never heard of Twitch and don't know what that website is. Facebook makes your gaming stream much more accessible with the use of Facebook Live.

If your stream is filled with your friends, others browsing through the feeds will see that your channel is populated and may end up joining to see what the fuss is all about.

Facebook Gaming How To Get Started

You can go Live on Facebook, all you need is a PC and OBS or other streaming software. 

Here is a fantastic video tutorial which shows you step by step how to stream on Facebook Live through the use of OBS.

Are you ready to start your first ever Facebook Live gaming stream? Navigate to Facebook.com/live/create and start now!


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