How To Stream PS4 To PC Without Capture Card

how to stream without capture card, Stream PS4 To PC Without Capture Card -

How To Stream PS4 To PC Without Capture Card

Looking to stream your PS4 to your PC but don't want to fork out money for an expensive capture card?

What if we told you there was a way to stream your Playstation 4 to your computer without a capture card?

Benefits of streaming from your PS4 to your PC without a capture card

  • For starters, you don't need to have a top of the range PC to play AAA games since you can just play them on your PS4. 
  • You can still play with your friends on the Playstation network.
  • You won't need to pay for more hardware to get your stream up and running.
  • Without a capture card, there is less cables to fill up your gaming room.

As you can see there a few perks from streaming your console to your computer without a capture card. 

You can do all this through an app called Remote Play.

What is Remote Play and where to get it

Remote Play is available for download in the Playstation store. It allows you to stream your game from your PC or Mac.

With the use of Remote Play, you don't need a capture card to stream your gaming console to your PC. 

Combine Remote Play with OBS, you can create a really professional looking stream.

What is OBS and why do streamers use it

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It is the most widely used streaming software and best of all, it's free. Which is probably why it is the most popular choice for streamers.

It allows you to have multiple screens, device capture, scene composition, recording, encoding and broadcasting. It does it all!

How to setup Remote Play with OBS 

Now you're probably wondering how to setup Remote Play with OBS. Don't worry, we've got you covered from start to end, with this fantastic video tutorial we found by Y6 Studios.

Now you know how to setup your Playstation to stream directly to your PC with the use of Remote Play and how to use it with OBS. Best of all you can now stream from console without a capture card!


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