How To Make Your Own Pro Gaming eSports Logo

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How To Make Your Own Pro Gaming eSports Logo

Wondering how to make your own professional gaming logo? Look no further – here’s what you need to know.

All good businesses have a logo, from the McDonalds’ golden arch to the classic Nike tick we subconsciously know what they are, what they do, and what service they provide. However, you’re most likely thinking, how is this relevant to professional gaming?

Logos allow us to distinguish between brands and other companies, and as you may have guessed the same is applied to professional gaming teams or even solo pro gamers.

Developing your own brand, even if you’re just beginning your pro gaming journey is a great way to look and act the part while increasing awareness of your team or as a solo pro gamer.

As a professional gamer, having a professional gaming logo, whether you make this yourself, use a template, or pay a graphic designer is essential to propel your career and future as a professional gamer.

FaZe, Team Liquid, Ninja, and Cloud 9 – what do all these have in common? They all have a professional logo and branding, whenever we see the FaZe ‘F’ we immediately know it’s FaZe, with the same applying for the rest of the teams and solo players who make use of branding.

Let’s discuss what makes a great gaming logo.

What makes a great professional gaming logo?

In order to create a recognizable and visually appealing logo, it’s important to consider a variety of different components. These include:

  • Words and or a combination of words e.g. team name
  • Colour of the logo
  • Font used
  • How visually appealing the logo is
  • Is the logo memorable

Words and or a combination of words

To make your logo recognizable, you’re going to want to add some text. Generally, this would be your Gamertag or team name. For example, FaZe or if you were going it solo, MattHDGamer.

As well as including your name, you could also include a common catchphrase or slogan. We’ll take the classic example of Nike’s ‘just do it’, it’s memorable, catchy, and everybody knows what it is and what it means.

If you can accomplish this we recommend giving it a shot. However, if you are not confident you can pull off a slogan or catchphrase, it’s best to stick with your name and or team branding for now.

Colour of the gaming logo

Chances are you already have existing branding, even if you don’t already know it. For example, you may use a specific color throughout your YouTube channel, on your blog, and even within your YouTube videos or thumbnails.

Replicating these colors and using these within your logo is a great way to immediately increase the recognizability of your logo – almost as if it’s your color as a professional gamer.

However, with that being said it’s important not to overdo it – just because you’ve used the color previously does not mean that color needs to be used endlessly, encouraging your viewers to claw their own eyes out.

Font used

Ditch the fancy fonts and go for something simplistic. You don’t want potential viewers of teams unable to make out the text on your logo, therefore, not knowing who you are and what you represent.

How visually appealing the gaming logo is

Don’t rush the creation of your logo. It should be visually appealing, not put together as if a four-year-old has created it. If you’re not the creative type you could always hire a professional designer or alternatively make use of online logo creators and templates – a little more on that later.

Is the gaming logo memorable

As we discussed previously, your logo needs to be memorable. Within a quick glance, you want viewers to know exactly who it is, for example Nike, FaZe, McDonald's, and Cloud 9.

The importance of a gaming logo 

While we’ve already touched on the importance of a logo, it expands much greater than being able to distinguish who you are and what you represent. In fact, your logo is a part of your online identity, helps you stand out from the crowd, and can even influence what viewers think of you.

However, with graphics design being one of the most popular industries, there are plenty of designers at hand and templates to make use of, as discussed below.

Why not use a template? 

If you’re not the creative type, don’t have the time, or are struggling for ideas then we suggest making use of a template. We recommend trying out Placeit – an online template/logo maker with many customizable options, with access to hundreds of presets, a wide variety of different colors, components, and designs you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

You can also try your newly designed logo in various mock-ups, from t-shirts to your individual fan team, you can get a greater idea of how your logo looks, and more importantly whether or not it’s scalable – a look into your future professional gaming career.

How to get started

Whether you choose to hire a professional eSports graphic designer from Fiverr, try your chances in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, or easy to use online templates such as Placeit, the importance of your logo cannot go unrecognized – much like the logo itself.

To summarise, as a developing pro gamer or an existing pro gamer, you should definitely look to create a logo. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it also acts as part of your online identity, and even influences what others and viewers (if you have an existing following base) think about you.

Think carefully about how you brand yourself, whether or not it is scalable, and most importantly if it’s recognizable, helping to propel your pro gaming career – granted you’ve got the skill, put in the hours, and have high hopes of reaching the top ranks of all pro gamers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your logo today and achieve new heights as a wannabe or existing pro gamer tomorrow – in such an expanding and explosive industry you’d be breaking the code of all gamers if you didn’t.

Need some tips on setting up a professional looking Twitch stream? Whether you are on Xbox One, PS4 or PC check this article out! 


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