Marvel Avengers Access Terminal - How To Open Door

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Marvel Avengers Access Terminal - How To Open Door

A lot of people have been asking us about the Marvel Avengers Access Terminal and how to open it. You come across these terminals in a lot of the Marvel's Avenger missions and it is quite a pain when you try to open it and it says Access Denied.

There is always a strongbox chest with juicy loot hidden behind this locked door.

Here is a video showing how to open the access terminal in Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel Avengers How To Open Access Terminal

As you can see from the video above, the only way to open this access terminal is by being Iron Man. Unfortunately no other Marvel Avenger hero can open these terminals in this game.

It can be quite a pain when these are scattered throughout this game and if you aren't Iron man or have another player as Iron Man, you will miss out on any gear or resources hidden behind the locked door.

Maybe they will release an update in the future that allows you to switch between characters during the mission so you would just need to make sure that he is on your team. We can only hope!


  • Anthony

    If you ping the terminal with one of those heroes as ai companions, they’ll open it.

  • Lucy

    As long as you have Iron Man on your team, you can open the terminals even if you’re not playing as him. Just aim and press up on the d-pad which will direct IM to open the terminal.

  • Aaron

    Was annoying me so started playing around with buttons. Aim at the console and press the instinct key. Iron man will go open it. I’m on PS4 and it works

  • Josh

    No- Black Widow can open terminals as well.

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