Sabotage Servers Mission - How To Open Door - Marvel Avengers Hulk Iconic Mission: Condition Green

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Sabotage Servers Mission - How To Open Door - Marvel Avengers Hulk Iconic Mission: Condition Green

In this Marvel Avengers Sabotage mission you need to sabotage servers during this Hulk iconic mission: Condition green. During this mission you will come across a locked door that needs switches to be opened. This guide will show you how to open the door and access the strongbox chest loot found inside.

You can watch this quick video showing you how to find all the correct buttons to open the door during this sabotage servers mission or continue reading for further instructions.

The first button that you need to melee is an easy one, right next to the locked vault door.

avengers sabotage mission hulk open door

To find the second button, run opposite to the locked door, keep heading left and around a big cube piece of machinery and then head right into the room with green spillage and you'll find the button behind some objects. 

sabotage servers mission avengers

You can find the third button in this avengers sabotage mission by running out of the room with the second button, turning right and it is on the right beside the big cube mechanical unit behind some objects.

how to open door sabotage servers hulk

The final button you need to melee to open the vault door during the sabotage servers hulk mission is found by continuing running to the left and out of the door, it is behind the wall opposite the big bio medical laboratories sign. 

locked door sabotage servers avengers game hulk

After hitting the fourth and final button, the locked vault will open and allow you to access the strongbox chest during this iconic hulk mission sabotage the servers. Be sure to smash all the boxes around to get the resources as well.

locked door sabotage servers hulk avengers mission

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