Thor Skins Avengers Game - ALL Legendary Outfits & Costumes!

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Thor Skins Avengers Game - ALL Legendary Outfits & Costumes!

In this article we will show you all the Thor skins in the Marvel's Avengers Game. You probably want to see all the Thor skins in this Avengers game. Including all the Legendary outfits for Thor. We have you covered.

There are a total of 20 costumes and outfits for Thor in the Marvel Avengers game. There are 5 Legendary Thor outfits, 5 Epic Thor outfits and 10 Rare Thor outfits.

You can watch this video that showcases all of Thor's skins and outfits or if you prefer to view them one by one continue reading below.

All Thor Costumes in Marvel's Avengers

We will begin with the rare Thor skins, followed by the Epic Thor Skins and then finish with the Legendary Thor Skins.

Rare Thor Skins

War Cry Rare Thor Skin Outfit

thor avengers game skin

Samaritan Rare Thor Skin Outfit

samaritan thor skin

Ingot Rare Thor Skin Outfit

 Ingot thor skin

Silverplate Rare Thor Skin Outfit

silverplate thor skin

Tungsten Rare Thor Skin Outfit

tungsten thor skin

Cobalt Rare Thor Skin Outfit

cobalt thor skin

Iconic Rare Thor Skin Outfit

Iconic thor skin marvel avengers outfit costume

Hard Hat Rare Thor Skin Outfit

Hard Hat thor skin avengers

Gear Head Rare Thor Skin Outfit

gear head thor skin outfit avengers

Metal Head Rare Thor Skin Outfit

metal head thor skin outfit avengers

Civilian Rare Thor Skin Outfit

civilian thor outfit skin marvel avengers

Epic Thor Skins

Freyr's Gift Epic Thor Skin Outfit

freyrs gift thor skin outfit costume

Stark Tech Epic Thor Skin Outfit

Stark Tech thor skin

Asgard's Might Epic Thor Skin Outfit

Asgards might thor skin

Brimstone Epic Thor Skin Outfit

thor skin avengers

Legendary Thor Skins

Frost Walker Legendary Thor Skin Outfit

frost walker thor legendary skin outfit costume

Dawn Star Legendary Thor Skin Outfit

dawn star thor legendary skin outfit wallpaper avengers

Thundercloud Legendary Thor Skin Outfit

Thundercloud thor outfit costume skin legendary

Battleborn Legendary Thor Skin Outfit

battleborn thor outfit skin costume legendary

King Thor Legendary Thor Skin Outfit

king thor outfit costume legendary skin marvel avengers game

There you have it! All of Thor's available skins / outfits / costumes in Marvel's Avengers game (2020). 

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  • Yotis

    Thanks for that! Was looking for a website with images of all Thor skins in Marvel Avengers. Others just had the name and some photos. Legends as always!

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