Dragon Ball Super Judge Cards & Promo Packs EXPLAINED

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Dragon Ball Super Judge Cards & Promo Packs EXPLAINED

Dragon Ball Super Judge Cards have 'JUDGE' stamped right on the holofoil of the card and are easy to distinguish from other DBS cards. They are usually alt arts of cards that are already in the CCG.

What Are DBS Judge Cards?

Judge cards are promotional cards that are given only to judges of the Dragon Ball Super tournaments. These cards are distributed by Bandai to registered stores to give out to Judges.

dragon ball super what are judge cards

What Is A Dragon Ball Super Judge?

A DBS Judge is someone who knows the rules of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game and helps make sure tournaments are run smoothly. They can be called upon when there is a dispute amongst two players or they can oversee games to make sure no cheating or mistakes are made.

In order to become a judge, you will need to undergo a 'Judge' test set out by Bandai. After passing the Judge test, you then become qualified as a Judge.

Then during major tournaments stores receive tournament kits and inside the tournament kits, there are judge packs.

dbs judge cards

These judge packs are to be distributed evenly amongst judges as a thank you for their help and participation.

Can Players Get Judge Packs For Winning Tournaments?

The only way players can get their hands on Judge cards is by trading or buying them off a Judge of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. No player has ever been rewarded a Judge card by winning a tournament.

So unfortunately for collectors, they will have to buy them on the secondary market if they wish to get their hands on the Judge stamped cards.

What Is The Most Expensive Judge Card?

Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan P-016 is by far the most expensive and sought after Judge card. This card was selling at $100 in 2017 when it first came out.

what is the most expensive judge card dragon ball super

To put prices in perspective, back then SPR cards were going for about $5 and in 2018 SCR cards like SSB Vegito and SS4 Goku were both selling for around $30-40. So for any card to be valued at $100 was massive for the game back then. 

A Beckett Black Label 10 was sold for $2,500 in 2020.

This card was from the first ever Judge Pack Vol.1. This amazing artwork is from the iconic scene during Cell Saga. Nostalgia could be credited to the value of this card along with extremely limited print set.

Dragon Ball Super Judge Pack Vol.1

This was the first ever Judge packs given out at the very first tournaments. 

Every Judge Pack Vol.1 has 1 card per pack with 4 different possible cards to pull.

Dragon Ball Super Judge Pack vol.1

This is the pack which contained the most expensive DBS Judge card as shown above - Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan P-016.

Some people believe that only 800-2500 Judge pack Vol.1's were ever given out, due to only around 100-200 stores being registered for tournaments at the time. Nobody will ever know for sure, unless Bandai releases official numbers. So take that number with a grain of salt.

We will now go over the other 3 cards which can also be pulled from the Judge Pack Vol.1

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku P-003 Judge Card 

dragon ball super judge card prices

This exact PSA 10 SS3 Goku Judge above sold for around $1,200 in late 2020 on eBay.

Joyful Strike Goku Black Rose P-015 


The 3rd most expensive card from the Judge Pack Vol.1 There haven't been many of these surfacing lately but you can expect to pay a pretty penny for even a raw one of these. 

Occupation of Evil Frieza P-010

 frieza judge card dragon ball super

Between 2017-2019 this card was sold for around $4-8, barely double digits. Towards the end of 2020 people started to realize the rarity of Judge Stamped Promos and began to buy up all they could find. Making this card extinct from online stores.

Level 2 Judge Cards

The older original judge cards never had another level. In 2019 they started to release Level 2 stamped Judge cards. In order to become level 2 Judge, you would need to complete another Judge test.

gero judge level 2 card

Level 2 stamped cards like the one above are harder to obtain than the regular ones without 'Level 2'. The card above is currently is selling for around $3.98.

Price of cards will usually come down to how popular the character on the card is. For example Dr Gero is listed for sale for $3.98 but a Gogeta is listed for close to $50.

Later Judge promo packs also had 1 card per pack with 8 possible cards instead of just 4, like earlier Judge promo packs.

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