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A few of us will be visiting Japan from the 21st October - 6th November. We have been invited to a VR game dev studio, to check out a new unreleased game. We are extremely excited about this and we will let you guys know all about it when we return. It has been a very busy year for us with the release of the Squad Wiper range. Love seeing you guys repping that badass gear. It is now time for us to relax, have some Sake, some Japanese beers and see what Japan has to offer in terms of gaming. We know...

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Alright we are being modest when we say we are about to drop some of the sickest / most badass hoodies for gamers you have ever seen. These are dropping hotter than a hot drop in skull town.

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Alright, so we finally decided to pull the trigger and launch this website.

We are a group of gamers who have been gaming since the original Nintendo. I know there is probably a lot of other people out who have been gaming far earlier than that and I would just like to say, I respect you. 

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