The Best Gamer Hoodies Are Coming Soon!

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The Best Gamer Hoodies Are Coming Soon!

Alright we are being modest when we say we are about to drop some of the sickest / most badass hoodies for gamers you have ever seen. These are dropping hotter than a hot drop in skull town.

These insane hoodies for gamers will be revealed in late August. Make sure you are singed up to our newsletter. Might come earlier. All that is known about the design on the front for now, is that it will most likely blow your mind and/or send you in a frenzy of excitement. We will not be held responsible for what you do out of excitement from seeing these new hoodies, so when they are released please act responsibly.  

Customizeable Gamertags

Of course these Pro Gaming Crew hoodies will be customizeable, you will be able to add your gamertag somewhere on the hoodie. We would like to keep the location a secret for now too. We did a poll and you guys were sitting on the fence at 48% vs 52% on wether you wanted your gamer tags down the right sleeve or across the back. So we will take it upon ourselves to decide on the location for this specific hoodie. We may have different locations for future hoodies. 


We asked and we also did surveys and polls and the #1 color that you guys wanted to see was black. So we will be releasing the hoodies in black.

We have setup a warehouse in the US and EU to specifically house our apparel. So instead of 2-4 weeks, shipping will be more like 1-5 days. How sick is that? We will also be moving selected gaming products to these warehouse in the future so shipping can be just as fast for all items in our store.

Other News

It is obvious we have some of the best designs in this gaming space. We don't like to brag but, have you seen our reaper? Anyway, we will be working with multiple experienced designers to get more logos done for our apparel. Don't worry, our original reaper is still our main logo. The other logos will be just be different lines of clothing.

We will also be doing some question polls on our Instagram regarding apparel designs, your input will be much appreciated and help mould our future designs. Stay tuned for more.

Keep it real,

Peace out ✌️ 



  • Eliza S

    So glad to be part of this crew. Making big moves! Hope you bring out some in pink in the future, would love to have one to show off on stream

  • Wulf

    So the midnight reaper hoodie is no longer for sale? Wanted to pick one of them up in a XL if you have any left in stock?

  • Matthew


  • Jerry

    Cant wait to see what these hoodies look like!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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