How Games Are Modded

how games are modded -

How Games Are Modded

Modding, or modifying, games is a popular activity among gamers that allows them to customize and enhance their gaming experience. There are several ways to mod a game, but the most common method is to use modding tools and software to make changes to the game's code and assets.

Texture Modding

One of the most basic forms of modding is texture modding, which involves replacing the game's existing textures with custom ones. This can be done by editing the game's image files, such as .jpg or .png files, and replacing them with new ones. This allows players to change the game's visual appearance, such as giving characters new clothes or making the game's environments look different.


Another common type of modding is scripting, which allows players to create new game mechanics and features by modifying the game's code. Scripting is often used to add new items, weapons, or abilities to the game, as well as to change the way the game plays. For example, players can use scripting to make the game's enemies more challenging or to create new game modes.

Total Conversion Mods

One of the most popular types of modding is the creation of total conversion mods. These mods significantly change the game by replacing the majority of the original assets, such as models, textures, maps, and scripts. This allows players to change the game into something completely different. For example, a total conversion mod for a first-person shooter game may change the game into a medieval fantasy RPG.

Cheat Engines

Another way of modding is using cheat engines, which allows players to change certain values in the game's code to give them an advantage. This can be used to give players infinite health, ammo, or money. It can also be used to unlock all levels, characters, or items in the game.

Using Already Made Mods

Modding can also be done using mods that are created by other players. These mods can be downloaded and installed into the game, allowing players to experience new content and features without having to create them themselves. Many games also have official modding tools and support, making it easy for players to create and share their own mods.

Modding can be a complex and technical process, but it is a popular activity among gamers. It allows players to customize and enhance their gaming experience, and can even lead to the creation of new and unique games.

However, it's important to note that modding can also have negative consequences, such as breaking the game, voiding the game's warranty, or even getting the player banned from online servers. Therefore, it's important to be familiar with the game and modding tools, and also to read the terms of service and use of any games before modding them.

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