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Youtube Gaming Channel Description Template Examples | Pro Gaming Crew

Majority of YouTube gaming channels either leave the descriptions empty or write very little.

Most YouTube gamers don't have any idea how powerful a description in your YouTube channel can be for ranking your video higher in results. Ranking higher means you will be receiving more views and quite possibly, earning more money.

In this YouTube gaming guide we'll be going over some simple yet effective descriptions that you can use, copy and paste or alter to suit any YouTube gaming channel videos.

We will begin with the descriptions for your gaming videos and then move on to helping you write an About gaming video description.

YouTube Gaming Video Descriptions

Without a decent YouTube gaming video description, it will be very hard to rank your gaming video on YouTube with just a title. 

Given that there is so much competition these days especially in the gaming category, you want to give your gaming video the very best chance at succeeding. 

It's easy to just upload a video and give it a decent title and hope for the best. Without writing a proper description, viewers and YouTube's algorithm won't be able to understand what your video is about and will most likely miss your video.

What To Include In YouTube Gaming Video Description

There is a few things that you should include inside your YouTube gaming description. To start off, describe what your video is. For example, tell them what game you are playing and what part of the game you will be showing.

The first few sentences are the most important.

These are the most important to the YouTube algorithm in trying to understand what your video is about. It is also important to the viewers as this is what they will see first. So make sure you use of important information in these sentences.

Cut to the point and be direct 

Don't drag on a super long introduction description. Just let them know what it is you are showing in this video. You also don't want to confuse people so you want to be clear and concise. 

There is nothing wrong with a long description, as long as the description is about the video. Some people don't watch an entire video and prefer to read the gaming description to summarize the video.

Viewers like timestamps

If you have a long video, timestamps are extremely important as they can help viewers find what they want. 

For example if you are doing a play-through for a quest and it goes for 30 minutes. You could write in the description something like this to help viewers:

0:00 Where to start quest

5:00 How to find item

10:00 How to give item

25:00 How to fight boss

This helps viewers navigate your video easier. It also gives you more keywords for your description to appear in more search results.

Link to your socials and other pages

At the bottom of the description you can link to your Instagram, Twitch streams or anything else you'd like people to check out.

Let them know to subscribe

You need to keep reminding people to subscribe and your video descriptions are a great place for it.

YouTube Gaming Video Description Example

Let's take a look at SoaR Dray's recent YouTube gaming video description of his gaming video he just uploaded an hour ago. He ticks a lot of the boxes that we mentioned above.

youtube gaming description

As you can see he explains what game he's playing, what game mode, asks you to comment, leave a like and then proceeds to link to other channels and his socials. 

YouTube Gaming Video Description Template (Copy and Paste)

Alright so now you know the basics of a good YouTube gaming video description. We are also going to give you a sample gaming video description template, that you can copy and paste and alter as you wish. 

Example that you can copy and paste:

Hey guys! Today I'll be playing (game) and in this video I will be showing you (input) and (input). If you enjoyed it, let me know and be sure to leave a like and subscribe!
You can find me on:


That YouTube gaming channel video description template will help you to get started. As you grow and post more videos you can begin to add your own personal flavor on it.

YouTube Gaming Channel About Description

Your About description on your YouTube gaming channel should let everyone know exactly what your channel is about. What sort of videos are the viewers expected to see? What else can you tell the viewers about your videos?

YouTube gaming channel about description example

Above is the About description for Playstation on YouTube. As you can see you can clearly understand what this particular gaming YouTube channel is about.

youtube gaming channel description

Above is Ninja's gaming YouTube channel. As you can see it lets the the viewers know who he is, what he does and what games he plays.

How To Edit Your YouTube Gaming Channel About Page

Head to your YouTube channel home and just under your banner you will see these three buttons. Click on Customize Channel and then head over to your About page and you can begin editing

customise gaming channel

YouTube Gaming Channel About Description Copy And Paste

You can use this basic gaming channel about description sample to get you started. As you start to grow you can add to it or change what you like. This is good to get you going.

Example you can copy and paste:

This channel is dedicated to (input), I will be uploading regular gaming videos of (input), (input), and (input). 
You can also find me here:

Detailed YouTube Templates You Can Copy

Here are some examples of YouTube gaming channel description templates that you can use to help create a compelling description for your channel:

Template 1: Introduction

Welcome to [channel name], the ultimate destination for [insert genre or specific game focus]. Here, you'll find [insert type of content you'll be posting] that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the gaming world, there's something for everyone on this channel. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for some [insert type of content you'll be posting].

Template 2: About the Creator

Hi, I'm [insert your name], the creator of [channel name]. I'm a [insert your background or expertise in gaming], and I've been a gamer for [insert number of years]. My passion for gaming led me to create this channel, where I'll be sharing [insert type of content you'll be posting]. I believe that gaming is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life. And I want to share my love for gaming with all of you. So, join me on this journey and let's have some fun!

Template 3: Content Focus

[Channel name] is all about [insert type of content you'll be posting]. From [insert specific game or games focus] to [insert other content focus], you'll find it all here. Our goal is to provide [insert target audience] with the best gaming experience possible. We'll be [insert type of content you'll be posting] and sharing tips and tricks to help you become a better gamer. Whether you're looking to improve your skills or just want to watch some high-quality gaming content, [channel name] has got you covered.

Template 4: What to Expect

On [channel name], you can expect [insert type of content you'll be posting]. We'll be bringing you [insert frequency of content] and delivering the best gaming content on YouTube. Our videos will feature [insert type of content you'll be posting], live streams, and much more. And, we'll be [insert type of interaction you'll be having with your audience], so be sure to join us for some fun and exciting gaming experiences. So, hit that subscribe button and get ready for some awesome gaming content.

Template 5: Call to Action

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then, you've come to the right place. [Channel name] is the ultimate destination for [insert type of content you'll be posting]. Our goal is to provide [insert target audience] with the best gaming content on YouTube. So, hit that subscribe button and join us on this journey. Let's have some fun and make some memories together!

By using one of these templates or creating your own, you'll have a solid foundation for your YouTube gaming channel description. Make sure to customize it to fit your unique brand, and add in any other important information that you want your audience to know. A compelling channel description will help attract new subscribers and keep your existing audience engaged.

Level Up

It takes time to grow a successful YouTube channel. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a lot of views or any at all at the beginning. Continue to try and experiment with different videos and games. Find out what works and what doesn't, then just keep doing what works and don't give up!

Keep it real, peace out ✌


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