Pokemon Cards 5000 HP - What is The Highest HP Pokemon Card 2020

Highest HP Pokemon Card 2020, Pokemon Cards 5000 HP -

Pokemon Cards 5000 HP - What is The Highest HP Pokemon Card 2020

There is no real Pokemon cards with 5000 hp. If you have a Pokemon card which shows the hitpoints as 5000 hp or even higher, it is 100% guaranteed to be a fake card.

pokemon cards 5000 hp

Hopefully you have not purchased this Pokemon card thinking that it was real. If you did purchase this card, look at getting a refund. Because the person who sold you this counterfeit card has just scammed you.

The highest HP a Pokemon card could have is 500 hp and that is only for jumbo cards and promos like the 'Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon' below.

a 500 hp pokemon card

Highest HP Pokemon Card 2020

At the time of writing, the highest HP Pokemon card has a HP of 320 and that is the Lapras VMAX 050/202 Pokemon card from the Shield and Sword expansion set.

highest hp pokemon card 2020 

So if you see someone selling a Pokemon card with 5000 hp, stay very far away from it.

Hope this has helped anybody trying to figure out if their 5000 hp Pokemon card is real or a fake.

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