What Pokemon Booster Box Should I Buy? Which Packs Are The BEST?

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What Pokemon Booster Box Should I Buy? Which Packs Are The BEST?

You might be wondering which Pokemon Booster Box should you buy and which Pokemon booster packs are the best?  

Well those sort of questions depend on what you plan on doing with those Pokemon Booster Boxes & Booster Packs and what your main goal is.

Do you plan on keeping these Pokemon Boosters for quite some time as an investment? Do you plan on opening them all for fun or maybe to complete a set? Most importantly what is your budget? Do you have $100 to spend or is it more in the range of $10,000+? 

What Pokemon booster box is the best?

You would have to buy the grand daddy old school O.G Pokemon Base Set Booster box. This is the one that every kid in the late 90's was playing with, when it first came out. 

Pokemon base set 1st edition booster box
Pictured is the 1st Edition Base set booster box, which sold for a whopping $408,000 in January 2021.

The Base Set booster box also held the most sought after card, the 4/102 Base Set Charizard Holo. It is the most sought after card in the game, I don't care what other people tell you on the internet - they either didn't grow up with these cards or just didn't have a clue. 

As a kid you would trade like 12 holos to get a base set Charizard into your folder. You didn't care how banged up it was, you just knew you had to do whatever you could to get it. 

You also have to keep in mind that back then, kids weren't buying Pokemon booster boxes like they are today. Kids would be lucky to get one Pokemon booster pack a week. So rare cards were scarce, very scarce.

This box was selling for under $100 when it first came out. Now the unlimited version is around ~$20,000. The 1st edition version of this booster box (if you can find one) can be closer to the price of a house. 

Which Pokemon booster box is the best to buy?

The original Pokemon booster boxes will always be the best to buy as a store of value. These are the ones that were originally printed by Wizards of the Coast range in years from 1999-2003. The sets are named and photographed below.

Base set booster box
Base Set Booster Box
Jungle set booster box
jungle pokemon booster box

Fossil set booster box
Fossil Booster box Pokemon
Base 2 set booster box
Base 2 pokemon booster box
Team Rocket set booster box
Team rocket set booster box
Gym Heroes set booster box
gym heroes booster box
Gym Challenge set booster box
gym challenge booster box
Neo Genesis set booster box
neo genesis booster box
Neo Discovery set booster box
neo discovery booster box
Neo Revelation set booster box
neo revelations booster box
Neo Destiny set booster box
neo destiny booster box pokemon
Legendary Collection set booster box
legendary collection booster box
Expedition Base Set set booster box
expedition base set booster box pokemon
Aquapolis set booster box
aquapolis booster box pokemon
Skyridge  set booster box
skyridge booster box pokemon

    Some of these sets are absolutely impossible to come by, but these are the rarest booster boxes / booster packs in the entire Pokemon trading card game.

    There is also 1st Edition variants of majority of these sets, which are even more rare and expensive. 

    Now let's say you don't plan on spending big bucks on pokemon booster boxes and instead just want to open booster packs for fun.

    The cheapest Pokemon booster boxes

    The cheapest booster boxes in Pokemon will always be the current sets which are released. The sets we mentioned earlier are over 20 years old, so they are very scarce - which is why the price tag on them is so steep.

    The newer sets that are readily available are always going to be the cheapest, which you can find here.

    Currently the cheapest booster box is Chilling Reign (newly released) which is listed for $99. Anything around that price is considered fairly valued.

    Rounding things up

    Basically - the older the set, the more expensive and rare the booster box is. The sets released today might not be worth much but who knows what they may be worth in 10 years.

    If you're looking to just open some packs up for fun, go for the newly released sets.

    Goodluck on your booster box and booster pack journey!

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