What Is Gamers Getting Swatted? 10 Gamers That Got Swatted LIVE

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What Is Gamers Getting Swatted? 10 Gamers That Got Swatted LIVE

Swatting is an illegal prank which has seen an increase among the gaming community. It involves someone making a deceptive call to the emergency services with the address of the intended victim. Which in turn leads to a raid of the address. Usually a SWAT team appears, hence the term 'swatting'.

what is swatting gamers

This phony call, could include a hostage situation or any other serious accusation which may require a SWAT team to assemble at the residence. Once the call is set, emergency services are dispatched to the address provided and then they storm the residence. 

Here is a video from Frag Hero showing 10 streamers that have been swatted live while streaming! Thankfully, nobody was badly hurt or injured during any of these.

Swatting is an illegal offence and offenders can expect a maximum of 25 years behind bars for the offence. 

So if you're thinking about swatting another gamer, think again.

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