YouTube Gaming Equipment For Beginners

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YouTube Gaming Equipment For Beginners


Starting a YouTube gaming channel requires not only creativity, dedication, and a passion for gaming, but also the right equipment. Here is a comprehensive list of equipment that beginners should consider in order to produce high-quality videos for their channel.

  1. Gaming Console or PC: The first and most important piece of equipment for a gaming channel is a gaming console or PC. Depending on the type of games you want to play and your budget, you can choose from a range of consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or a gaming PC.

  2. Gaming Headset: A good headset is essential for communication with your audience, as well as for in-game audio. Look for a headset that offers clear sound quality and a comfortable fit, as well as a built-in microphone.

  3. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse: A high-quality gaming keyboard and mouse can greatly enhance your gaming experience and make it easier to execute complex moves. Consider purchasing a keyboard and mouse with customizable buttons and macros, as well as RGB lighting.

  4. Webcam: Adding a webcam to your setup will allow you to interact with your audience and show your face during streams. Look for a webcam with a high resolution, good lighting, and clear audio.

  5. Green Screen: A green screen can be used to add special effects or to remove the background from your videos. This can add an extra level of professionalism to your videos, and makes it easier to focus on the gaming content.

  6. Video Capture Card: If you want to record high-quality gameplay footage, you'll need a video capture card. These cards can be used to record footage from your gaming console or PC, and can also be used to capture audio from your headset and microphone.

  7. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for creating a professional-looking video. Consider purchasing a lighting kit with multiple lights, or investing in a ring light for your webcam.

  8. Tripod: A tripod is essential for keeping your webcam steady and in place, as well as for reducing camera shake during gameplay.

  9. External Hard Drive: With the large amount of data that is generated during video recording and editing, you'll need a large external hard drive to store your videos. Consider purchasing a high-capacity hard drive that is fast and reliable.

  10. Video Editing Software: To produce high-quality videos, you'll need to invest in a video editing software. There are a number of options available, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. Choose a software that is easy to use and has a range of features to suit your needs.

In conclusion, starting a YouTube gaming channel requires the right equipment to produce high-quality videos. From a gaming console or PC, to a gaming headset, webcam, and video editing software, there are several pieces of equipment that beginners should consider. By investing in the right equipment, you can create videos that are engaging and professional, and help you build a loyal audience.

Webcam For YouTube Gaming Channels

If you want to show your face or to record your face to add to gaming clips then you can't look past the Logitech C920 webcam. It is the most popular selection when it comes to the game recording and streaming world.

There are many other options for recording cameras, but the C920 is by far the most widely used by streamers and content creators.

Best Microphone For Streaming & Recording YouTube Gaming Videos

Audio is probably the most important and vital part of any video clip. Bad audio can easily send your viewers far away from your YouTube gaming channel. It is really hard starting out on YouTube, so you do want to give yourself the best chance at it.

We would recommend getting a decent mic for your YouTube channel. The Blue Yeti Mic is the best candidate for any aspiring YouTube gamer.

If price is a factor, you could also choose not to have audio at all. Sometimes having no audio at all, is better than having a bad microphone.

Game Recording Capture Cards For Your Channel

If you're looking to stream your content from your console to your YouTube channel, you will need to invest in game capture cards.

You can't go wrong with Elgato's capture cards. You can choose which one is right for your setup from their website. We recommend going for the HD60 s, but you can also pick this up for cheaper by looking at eBay or Amazon.

Free recording setup, no costs involved

If you play on console you can easily just use your game record function and transfer the recorded clip via USB to your PC or you can just upload the clip straight to your YouTube channel.

If you play on PC, there is a number of free screen recorders out there such as the Xbox Game Bar for Windows.

You can then easily grab the clip and upload it to your YouTube channel.

Editing videos for beginner YouTube channels

Starting out, you can use the free editing software that comes with your computer. Mac's have iMovie and Windows has Video Editor which both are very capable for a beginner YouTube channel.

Once you start to build your channel and are looking for more ways to improve you can start to look at Adobe's range of powerful editing software.

Thumbnails for YouTube Gaming Channels

Once you get past the beginner YouTuber phase, you can look at paying for new editing software for both your YouTube thumbnails and videos.

For free thumbnails you can use Canva, which is a free picture editing software. Grab a screenshot of your game and then slap some attractive text over the top, download the thumbnail and then upload it as your YouTube gaming thumbnail.

It's Not Easy Starting A YouTube Channel

It will be a long grind to get the views and subscribers you want. A lot of people upload a few videos and don't get any views and give up.

A lot goes into it such as quality content, the right title, description and tags to use. 

Need More Help Starting Out Your YouTube Channel?

Check out our other YouTube guides to help grow your YouTube channels and help you get a head start on the competition:

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